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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Songs that you grow to like after hating it at first

Have you ever heard a song that you didn't care about at first but after listening it a few times you start to find it good?

Like anchovies is also an acquired taste, so I heard.

And ways to force people to listen to a song multiple times include blasting it over the radio, in shops, and as TV show theme songs.

There was a time when TV shows decided to use real songs for their themes. The amount of exposure and promotion that the song gets is awesome. This is proven by the fact that a bunch of primary 3 students that were my classmates could memorize the opening song of the 1997 Mediacorp Chinese drama series 长河 (that was when SG shows were actually good) Instead of paying the music producer to use the song, the music producer should pay the show producer to use their song instead.

Well, whether who pays who decide on which side benefits more - a show using a hit album would get a lot of attraction and benefit. But it would be even more money if the producers of the shows themselves own the theme songs too.

Which is what is happening in the Anime industry.

(And many other markets too - though US practices both using hit albums and writing their own. As for Singapore... lets just say that they are forced to keep this industry running)

And some of the songs actually made it high up Oricon top 200.

Though I'm not saying that Anime songs are inferior. In my opinion in some ways the opposite.

Back to opening topic,

On the other hand there is the other extreme, songs that seemed to sound good on first listen yet when you decided to get it it sounded so bad the experience scars you for life. Songs that appear on radio/TV in part in PVs are highly guilty of this.

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