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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boston Acoustics HPS 10HO subwoofer repair - Day 1

Note to self: a 15.7kg white cube is very hard to carry by hand

Fuse intact.

Power on, nothing exploded. Nothing happened at all either. Fuses intact.

Took it apart.

Transformer secondary continuity check pass.

Transformer primary continuity check pass.

Ok, now this is strange.

Power cable continuity check fail. And at neutral somemore.


Changed cable. Power on. Voltages on secondary side okay. At this moment the transformer is not connected to the power supply cum amp board.

Connected transformer to PSU board. Power on. Hum for a few seconds, fuse break.

So the good news is - transformer is okay. And the bad news is - the power supply/amp board isn't. Well, something has to be broken somewhere.

But the worse news is - there isn't any sign of damage on the power supply board.

Well, an amp board with built-in power supply is easy to get.

But the even worse news is - the stupid preamp stage board is fking hot-melt-glued to the metal plate like a motherf*cker. That means to keep things clean I'd better reuse the preamp board. But the even worse news - I can't even tell how that shit is connected to the power supply/amp board via a 7-pin connector, and what voltage it uses. And if it's working.

Well, that's enough for day 1. Diagnosis will continue after I get more fuses.

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