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Saturday, April 30, 2011

List of the amplifier chips used in some studio monitor speakers

Got this from here, now to make a copy before it disappears

Alesis M1Active / M1Active 620 - LM3886 x2 - National Semiconductor
Behringer B2030A / B2031A - LM3886 x2
Dynaudio Acoustic BM5A / BM5A Compact - LM3886 x2
Fostex NF1A - LM3886 x2
Event - PS、TRシリーズ LM3886 x2 / ASP6 ASP8 (LM3886 x2) x2
ESI nEar05 eXperience - TDA2052 + ?? - STMicro
Genelec 1029A - LM3886 x2
Genelec 1030A - STK4036V x2 - Sanyo
Genelec 1031A - STK4241V - Sanyo
Genelec 8030A - LM4780 - National Semiconductor
Genelec 8050A - STK442-130 - Sanyo
KRK V4 V6 V8 Series2 / VXT6 - LM3886 + ??
KRK Rokit Powered RP5 RP6 RP8 - TDA7294(LF) + TDA2052(HF) - STMicro
M-Audio EX66 - TDA8927 (Class-D) - NXP
Roland DS-5 - LM3886 + ??
Tannoy Reveal 5A 6D - LM3886 x2
Yamaha HS50M HS80M - LM3886 x2
Yamaha MSP7 Studio - STK415-130A - Sanyo

Go gainclones.

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Anonymous said...

Tapco S8,S5 2xLM3886