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Friday, June 17, 2011

I hate stories where there is only one lead guy and many girls

But, I like Anime adapted from Visual Novels because the stories are generally good. By that, I mean most of the Visual Novels (or text adventure games, some of them don't count as Visual Novel, but the idea... you get it) that get adapted into Anime have generally good stories, although exceptions do happen. (Because I can safely say that, for each good one that are 99 rubbishes in the industry) Note: Does not apply for Anime based on games like strategy, action, RPG, SRPG, ARPG, even if they have any amount of dating sim or sex inside. You already know the usual outcome for those. Disaster.

The good story generally outweighs the pimp-master setting, or actually in many games, it's really ultimately 1 guy 1 girl per story, just that there are many stories for the protagonist to choose. Or the ultimate style of needing to go through all or at least half of the stories to know what is going on. Think mystery/suspense adventure games, but I've seen this being used for romance stories, multiple times.

So when I see a romance story with multiple guys and multiple girls and multiple relationships, I get interested. Not the first time I've seen, and not limited to Visual Novels, but is still rare.

This may have something to do with some Anime that I may be giving my views on, because I think it is not getting the appreciation it deserves (as with every time I post my views on an Anime).

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