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Friday, November 11, 2011

Too many cars in Singapore

I mean, look at how crowded this carpark is!

Just to prove that I didn't take a picture of some deserted building in a tech park or business district at night, click for the bigger version and look at the red light on the building in the background.

Moving closer...

The words on the building are "THE FRONTIER".

Yupz, Jurong Point on the right (which is beside Boon Lay MRT).

While this picture was taken on deck 5A, by the third floor there was already many unoccupied parking lots. I just took the photo on the 5th floor for better impact and for the red words on the building to be also visible. And technically, there is only one car in the picture, the other 3 are goods vehicles, cat C COE.

And no I didn't hunt for this particular carpark, I just randomly picked one, and one that is close to Jurong West Central, one of the most overcrowded points in Singapore. If I went to Punggol, I'd be seeing the same emptiness by deck 3. At night when everybody is at home. I mean, this isn't a new discovery, many people know that less than half of many MCPs (multi-storey carparks) are unused, because people can't afford the goddamn car. And the percentage of people owning a car can only drop as COE growth rate is lower than population growth rate (0.5% vs 2.1%). So I can bet that the number of cars owned by humble, honest people living in HDB flats is going to go down over time, not increase.

So... the number of parking lots in the MCPs is overkill by at least 100%. Well, better to be safe than sorry since it doesn't cost that much to add a few more storeys. Meanwhile in some other places the number of cars owned by residents is more than the number of parking lots.


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