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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A quick look at three laptop power adapters

So due to some circumstances, I have three laptop adapters, and a lapdesktop to power. Might as well see which is the most efficient.

Test setup:
Acer Aspire 4520 "lapdesktop" powered by AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-53 @ 1.7GHz
OCCT Linpack used for CPU stressing/loading


This guy came bundled with one of the Acer laptops (or one ex-laptop) in the house. Acer, like many others, has always been using Lite-On adapters without relabelling them. Pity I couldn't find the other one, as it would be fun to see if they perform similarly.


This thing came with an AMD K6 laptop (400 or 450MHz?), so it is at least ten years old.


...or should I call it "Replacement AC Adapter"? Standard generic China junk, I bought it on eBay so I'll call it that. It is lighter compared to the other two, and other laptop power adapters in general.


Lite-On: 16.8W
Compaq: 16.1W
eBay: 16.7W

Lite-On: 43.4W
Compaq: 42.5W
eBay: 43.2W

Surprisingly, the Compaq was the most efficient out of the three, despite it being ten-year-old technology. The numbers may not look that significant, but we're looking at 1-2% better efficiency during load and even higher when idling.

The eBay did just slightly better than the Lite-On at its job.


Not much to conclude really, because your power adapters, new and old, are going to be different from mine.

The eBay was slightly more efficient than the Lite-On, so should we buy it? Answer: No. I just blew it, not by Linpack which it survived, but by shutting down the lapdesktop, plugging out the power connector on the lapdesktop, and plugging it in again. Pop, smell, and the circuit breaker tripped from over-current.

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