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Saturday, February 4, 2012

SIYOTEAM USB card reader SY-662

Most card readers come in two designs - need cable, and don't need cable.

The need cable type, either you use a long cable to place it somewhere on your desk where it and its cable stick out like a sore thumb, or you use a short cable so it dangles from your computer and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

And the don't need cable type, it is usually too fat and blocks the use of several adjacent USB ports like a sore thumb once it is plugged in. This is also true for thumbdrives, modems and many etc.

So I bought this to solve my problem:

US$2.70 from DealExtreme. Nice packaging.

Comes with a strap for dunno what. Ya fashionable card reader (it says so on the packaging), wear it I dare you.

The USB ports around the card reader that are or may be blocked. Most of the blocking happens on the left side (in the above picture) of the card reader, leaving the right side free. This is the reason I bought this reader - by putting it at the edge of your group of USB connectors, blocking is kept to a minimum and you can save a few ports. The yellow "possibly blocked" ports are okay with USB cables, but fat thumbdrives may be an issue, but then that is more the fault of the thumbdrive.

Supports SD...


...and Sony MS. M2 is inserted from the right side and I don't have one to show.

So yea, I needed something that can read SD, MS, and preferably also microSD without using an adapter.

A good and practical product, recommended.

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