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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not All Memory Sticks Are Created Equal: OEM Sticks

Summary: The graphs are the only thing everyone (including me) would care anyway...

Stick 1 (my first stick):

Stick 2 (my second stick):

Stick 3 (my fren's stick):

I happen to get my hands on 3 different OEM Sony Memory Sticks. Two of them are mine, bought at different times (one with the PSP and one when I decided that 4GB isn't enough and it was cheap at $45... became $50 though after a long story...), the other one I ordered it for a friend.

Knowing that the performance of sticks can be different (as shown by varying performance between Sony Original, Sandisk, Lexar, and OEM memory sticks), even between OEM sticks, I decided to try out this third card and compare it against the two that I have (and have already did the PSXReality scan).

My sticks are formatted FAT16, the new one is "RAW", probably PSP format (although it should've shown PSP in other cases). I understand that many people claim, and some have evidence, that PSP reads FAT16 sticks faster than FAT32 sticks, but that speed difference is due to the different cluster size, FAT16 has obviously bigger ones, and that results in higher speeds as according to the PSXReality graphs. It's also proven that FAT16, FAT32, and PSP formats yield the same PSXReality graphs, so file system is not an issue here.

The third stick... is both slower in read than my better reading card and slower in write than my better writing card.

Boy am I just lucky? In fact, the reading card I have has reading speeds comparable to Original Sony, while the writing card I have has writing speeds comparable to the Sandisk.



P.S. Note to W** L***: No I didn't take your stick and gave you a lousier one of mine. As you can see your stick is PSP-formatted as the way I've gotten it from the seller. Plus, your stick has the marking that proves it's from that seller.


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