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Thursday, January 31, 2008

SAF Medical Department Does Not Care About The Health Of Soldiers

...or that they simply suck. Either way they CMI (cannot make it) when it comes to treatment of illnesses much less to say ensuring the well-being of the soldiers.

Why am I saying something so absurd (in the sense that I'm saying something that will get me into trouble with the Singaporean government, not that certain organization sux. That, is already a well-known truth)?

I went to MMI (Military Medical Institute) today for an appointment regarding my tinnitus. Long waiting times... expected (but don't tell me to come earlier than the previous timing when it's gonna end up later anyway). Before seeing the doctor, went to the audio tech to have my ears cleaned of wax (and aggravating the problems in my left ear in the process, I don't exactly blame you but can the system please stop doing things that do more harm rather than solve problems, both medical and non-medical e.g. admin, repair). Friendly and nice guy.

Then, two hours after the new appointment timing, entered the room to see the doctor. The MO (Medical Officer), as I also managed to peek for previous patients, could only sit down while some guy from DSO (Defense Science Organization) did all the talking. He look look see see and say my ear is fine. Yes of course it's fine just by looking, since the injury occured a month ago and the bruise is already gone. He asked if I got tinnitus. I answered yes (else why would I be there in the first place?). Then he showed me the charts saying that I got very young (note the "very") degradation. So why did you say my ear is fine then? And a few things... pointless so I'm not bothered to type out. In the end, the verdict is, nothing. And just tellling me to protect my ears and get another earplugs. FUCK!? You're just gonna let this matter rest like that? I got the SAF earplugs from e-mart, they didn't work even when the MO put it in for me (of course they would think i didn't install correctly, in which case i wouldn't have made such a fuss wouldn't it?). I got my ears damaged, and all you guys are going to do is NOTHING!? He (the DSO guy) still have the cheek to tell me in the face that I won't be getting excused firearms. Do I look like I care about a small little excused firearms? I finished 24km with strained joints and already passed IPPT with a strained groin, you guys tell me am I a chao-genger? Even for a genger, PES C people still have to do guard duty and stuff, so I don't think they'd care either. I just want my ears treated goddammit.

Anf the best part, is when he told me that I'm discharged and when I asked him if anything could be done, he just said protect my ears and nothing could be done to make it better. This is total bullshit. A quick search on the internet reveals:

The most "effective" and famous: Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)
Drugs and supplements (including the famous? T-Gone)
Electrical Stimulation (Cochlear implant)
Cognitive Therapy
TMJ (temporomandibular joint) treatment
Low-pitched sound treatment
White noise masking
Music therapy
Compensation for lost frequencies by use of a hearing aid
And lastly, and possibly the only one with "real" curing effects, Photobiomodulation (a.k.a. Low Level Laser Therapy)

A web surfer gathers so much information, and you tell me there's nothing to be done? Fuck you. Even the doctor of the clinic below my house know that Vitamin B2 helps (by keeping the nerves healthy and reducing stress) and prescribed me some tablets. And you work in DSO. Seriously, I fear for the future of Singapore when it comes to defense. (not that people actually believe in ourselves. And our own designed weaponry just gonna make us less confident)

And to add, the whole talk session lasted no longer than two minutes.

If the tinnitus isn't of a level I can cope with (I have very high tolerance levels)(I know some tinnitus can be so loud that daily talk is affected), or if I get to know that my tinnitus is of too loud levels, I'm gonna sue you until your ass opens. Right now.

Otherwise, I've already made up my mind, that I'm going to become successful, whether in the music/entertainment industry or in business, get onto the TV, and tell everything to the whole world. I'll make sure that the SAF has no more face to lose (not that they have much left anyway). And by that time I'll be rich enough, so I'll be doing TRT with music therapy for 50% (my audiophile ears were trained by music in the first place), Low Level Laser Therapy for the next 50%.

I'm not afraid of posting this even though I know obviously that the government will do something to me when they see anything related to the army on blogs. I'm only saying the truth. My anger has greatly surpassed the cowardness that my friends know I am. If this post gets involuntarily taken down without me getting a satisfactory answer (i'll post if i do ever get one), you guys know what happened.

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