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Friday, February 8, 2008

Da Capo II Anime: Afterthoughts

If I were to compile a list of disappointments in Anime/Manga for the year 2007 (maybe add 2008), this one is definitely going to be high up that chart.

Not that I didn't expect a disappointment (I knew something is wrong becuz it only had 13 eps compared to D.C.'s 26 with another 26 worth of epilogue), but I really didn't didn't didn't expect that much. In fact I was hoping for some explaination of the things that were exposed in the pre-main-story demo game. But what did they (the producers of the Anime) give us? A (possibly slightly altered) storyline based on the Minatsu route? Gimme a break. IMHO this is like nothing important compared to the rest of the story, but those who played D.C.II would know better.

List of disappointments (yes there is a whole list just in this Anime):

- Of all possible combinations, why Koko vs Minatsu???
- And even when so, Koko was a sad thing, Minatsu took all the limelight. Personally, I was against the huge Multi support in To Heart (including Remember My Memories), and is still very against android fetish if they are not the main character. This is no exception. Probably people feel sad when it comes to the coexistence of robots and humans, but this idea has been used too many times, and with geneboosted/genetically-modified humans, cyborgs, superhuman clones, man-made-human (meaning a non-robot body made totally from scratch, using magic or technology (or alchemy, which tends to be the case)), resurrected undead, monster half-blood, and summoned beings, why would a fucking robot with less processing power than a Pentium II cause such a controversy just because they are man-made and possess more ability than humans? (And lets not talk about witches/faeries/spirits/magic users in general here)
(Boy the above point is much longer than I expected)
- I want my Asakura sisters! I want my Oto-nee~! (Plus, the Asakura name means they have a lot to do with the story, I hope. But that's secondary. I want to be moe-ed to death by this kawaii sisters. Especially Oto-nee - most moe older sister, period.)
- Where is Nanaka? Isn't D.C.II called "The Nanaka Game"? Oh, episode 7. That's it? Hey duuuuuuuuudes, her grandmother created quite a problem in D.C. Anime even though she isn't part of the "true" storyline, and was the root of all problems in D.C.S.S.. Now her grandchild isn't even 10% as good. Gotta be kidding me.
- Suginami makes much less appearance much unlike the resourceful, sly, irritating but ultimately cool Suginami we know in D.C. and D.C.S.S. Anime, and in the D.C. series of games. (And a very good and very rare type of character he is)
- Where is the pain when people start to leave in the D.C. Anime (which I believe was a very good part by the director by making full use of the otherwise mediocre side storylines to fill up much of the latter 13 episodes with lots of story and sadness. If you noticed, most of the time a side storyline is only good for 2-4 episodes in Anime form. Planting a few of those in their most effective length made D.C. one of the most famous love Anime in ability to make people cry. And no I'm not talking about people who cry watching Gundam.) And where is the feeling of fukked-up-ness when Sakura couldn't control the magic Sakura tree and when you cannot decide who to sympathize with even when we all know Sakura is a selfish brat.
- Horie Yui and Tamura Yukari, the cute jie jie (meaning sister in Chinese) and loli goddess, didn't have enough screen time even though their characters are the most important in the story (i think)
- And most importantly, above all else,

(Spoiler warning) This Anime didn't explain the events after D.C., the immortality of Yoshino Sakura, the birth of Sakurai Yoshiyuki, the (ought to be) relationship between him and the Asakura sisters, and the root cause of all, the rebirth of the everlasting magic Sakura tree.

So, to conclude,

This is a plot by the producers to make us buy the game.

Actually I would've played the game before the Anime, if it ever gets translated.

And, this is one Anime that's not going to be remembered in Anime history, unlike its predecessors. The Kyoto/key series definitely did a better job at this.

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