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W A R N I N G !

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Looks like Pantone Huey isn't enough

I mean my calibrator. It is the cheapest display calibrator I know. And today, I realize that it just simply isn't enough.

While I already know that its color sensing isn't accurate, today I discovered that its brightness/contrast aren't perfect either. I was calibrating my reinstalled com when I thought that I should calibrate it with a higher monitor brightness so that I can get a higher maximum white and thus more vivid colors from the bigger color range (which I remembered later that increasing brightness actually reduces the color range in imaging, but is that really the case for monitors?). Strangely, the color came out to be slightly washed-out. Wierd, shouldn't it due to the bigger color range that it would be giving more dynamic colors, if not the same colors as in an ideal situation?

What's even worse is, since this brightness strains my eyes after a while, I have to switch back to the lower brightness that I always use, and after calibration this brightness setting results in very pale colors. Not to mention too dark.

In the end, still calibrated the screen to the lower brightness.

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