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W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sandboxie: Open virus-infected keygens/malware-abundant porn sites with no worries of any infection to your system watsoever

I've been using this nifty useful little program for a while now, might as well share it with the peeps out there that didn't know it yet. It's so useful that it's now part of the programs I'll install first in a reformat. (In comparison, Photoshop isn't) It's small, and takes up little memory. And best of all, it's free.

The concept here is sandboxing. Now, more of you guys would have heard of this. For those who haven't, it means running the program in it's own isolated version of the system. The environment is emulated (though it's essential a copy of your OS) and seperated from the actual OS, and hence any changes to the system will only happen to the emulated system and not your real OS, although the program will be thinking so. While you can't use this with installers, for keygens it's very useful, since all you need is that one key it generates.

But, usually sandboxes comes as part of an Antivirus suite, which tend to be very slow, memory consuming, and not free.

So comes Sandboxie.

This program, (please read the first paragraph).

To use it, just drag the program into the main window and there you go.

Did I mention prawn sites? That's coz you can use Internet Explorer with this too, albeit at a speed penalty due to the sandboxing. So any shitz the scripts usually do to the computer will do nothing at all. And the even better part is, since it did do something to the program and its emulated OS, you can get past those protection and download the premium contents since the script will be fooled that it has done something to the system.

No user guide for this since it's so easy to use. No screenshots of this since it's so easy to get so just try it out.

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