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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Clannad Anime (first season) + Movie: Afterthoughts

First thing I want to say is:

THIS SERIES ROX!!!!!!!!!!111111

(I purposely added the 1's to poke at the "common" (?) internet forum/chat problematic behaviour)

Again not a review - there's no need to review something this good. And unlike the previously-mentioned Aria series that has its main audience as primary-school girls, Clannad has its main viewer group as... hardcore Anime hentai freaks and/or geeks. (Or just somebody that just loves good romance/life stories) And hence it gets much higher exposure - schoolgirls don't go onto the internet and broadcast themselves shamelessly, and they don't surf porn. At least I think they don't. That's what she told me. What? Who's she? No, just a no one. I swear. Ironically, Clannad has no porn content like its predecessors and most games in this category, and yet it still sold very high and gets two seasons and a summary movie. No this isn't like the case with Kanon where there were two seperate producers (and the 2002 version didn't get the exposure it deserved); Clannad's second season has its settings after the first, or rather, the first half of the storyline. Yes, the second part (specific character arc) is always better better in both games and the adapted Anime. I might as well mention that in all these games it's usual for the guy to propose his love to the girl first then they have some wierd kind of problem thereafter, and never "happily ever after" then stop. So one could guess that Clannad's first season is only the first half.

So much for the introductory paragraph. It gets longer and makes people boring towards the end. That's newspaper writing. Inverted-pyramid format, less related stuff at the end. I still remember my English, yea?

Now my thoughts... at first I thought that the 3rd major series from key (all small letters yea?) would not be as good as the first two, fueled by the trend that the first will always be the best in many cases except for when the second is even better - this trend can be obvious everywhere. And unfortunately, it usually stops at the second before the creative juice run out. Not my series. That one is at major part 5 and I think it's at its best ever. What's "my series" that I've always been mentioning you say? You won't be knowing it until it is released. Hopefully the first part within the next ten years. And it will be an award-winning seller. I hope.

Digressed for quite a bit. Back to topic, the reason I didn't think anything of Clannad at first was because I saw no serious development for at least the first half of the Anime - first season. Nothing like the sadness in Kanon or AIR. And somebody actually wrote "Clannad - saddest love story" in his signature. That made me puzzled at that point of time. And the ending of the first season left me really unimpressed. So he confessed. That's all. What's so great about that?

Ok, maybe I wasn't all unimpressed. It got heartwarming towards the end (I won't mention spoilers)

After finishing the Anime, I watched the movie immediately, and realize that the story didn't stop there. Some shocking big thing happened. I just had to wiki that out, only to find that the story hasn't ended yet. First I was thinking that it would be better to have watched the Anime first before the movie, since it would have had more detail and impact than watching the half-bucket movie first, as in the case of AIR. Then, I thought that the movie was better because it had more storyline and explained a lot of things. Now I think I'm thoroughly fuked for even watching the movie in the first place, because ALL THE IMPACT IS NOW GONEEEEE!!!!!111 I really should've played the game first, like all the hardcore fans do.

And yes, after all this, I agree that Clannad has its own rights. In fact it is even better than Kanon or AIR in certain aspects. Although it does have that bit of similarity to air. But it took another route and improve on that route. Well, AIR is still the best in its kind. Unfortunately I cannot find another series that can fit under the exact same classification but lets leave it at that.

Can't wait for the second season to come out. Or should I just play the game on PSP?

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