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W A R N I N G !

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Remember 11 (Chinese version) available on sale in Popular bookstores!

Yes, it's the third and last part of the Infinity series by KID you've been waiting for. Unless you consider Cure as part of it, but no it didn't really deal with the same philosophy.

For those that have been waiting (and most probably cursing) for the Chinese/English translated version for PC to come out, the reason that it hasn't, or hasn't been able to, is that there wasn't a PC version to start hacking with in the first place. Now that's wierd and you might ask the question: Most visual novels are simple programs programmed on and for PC, so why did they have only the PS2 version (or so I was made known) for this, even though the rest of the series are on PC first? Well, don't ask me. Ask the geniuses that made Ever17 (a.k.a. the only game in which getting ALL the endings makes sense)(to explain, in other games you can only get one ending. In Ever17, the storyline involves going through ALL the endings. Wicked, huh?). Geniuses are usually mad in their own ways.

The PC version was only released Dec 07, and it takes time for it to get translated. Now it's finally out. But, it costs $45, inclusive of a 416pg novel which would comfirm be nice to have but still does not justify the price.

So lets wait for the "Net Communist" version to come out.

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