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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reminiscing the past... when we spent little

Looking at Altec Lansing's catalogue, I suddenly remembered the days when MX5021 = the best in my mind. After reading lots of good comments on MX5021 I went down to Carrefour Suntec to have a listen, and wow, it was the closest to a fairly accurate sound signature I've ever heard with nice mids and lots of air.

Then before that, I was at Creative warehouse sale looking at Creative's new product, i-Trigue 2200, and was amazed by the clarity and the relatively ok amount of bass (as I thought at that time) for its price. All other 2.1 for the same price had puny satellites that sounded tinnish compared to this, and those that featured the same drivers as 2200 were much more expensive. (T20 wasn't out yet, but Vivid 60 was, and it was crap for the price)
And a short while later I was at Challenger Funan comparing it against VS4121, which didn't have as nice clarity but won a bit overall due to bass. (although recently I've found out that the 2200 can still have sufficient bass provided it is boosted high enough in the source signal)

Then after all this, I picked up a Sony subwoofer cheap at Cash Converters to supplement my i-Trigues, and realized that it has outputs for passive speakers. I placed an old bookshelf from an old Sharp hi-fi to boost the mids and to provide more "air". Soon, I found a pair of JBLs selling cheap and I bought them too. They ran alongside the i-Trigues for a while (with the i-Trigues providing the highs) until I decided that the i-Trigues are adding high-harsh and removed them.

And so, I entered the world of bookshelves, with a system that cost me $45 but can beat the crap out of MX5021

After that, all hell broke loose, and I didn't spend little anymore :p

Also, have you ever realized that, the higher we go in audio, the less improvement we get per upgrade?

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