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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to repair your Mylar earphones and make them last longer

Apologies to those that have been following my blog, the reason for me not updating this blog for so long is because LaTale is so addicting, for many days it is LaTale as long as I'm at home. No Anime, little forums, research and repairs have been stalled, it is LaTale the first thing I get home.

(You should try it, really, it's this fun)

During this time, I had many things to post about, but left undone because of the game. Actually I'm only blogging now because the server is lagging now.

Unlike ZOMBiE who combines multiple blog posts into one, I'm still going to seperate them. Reason for this is categorization through tags, and so that I keep the blog posts shorter so that people can read them more easily and more importantly, it takes me less time to reach a stopping point and resume on the game. :P

The topic with the honour to be posted first, is as per the title.

As many users (and non-users but simply hearsayers, also known as sheeps, or audio-noobs) of the Crossroad Mylar series of products know, their build quality just isn't on-par with the rest out there. Physically coming apart within half a year is possible and achived by many that are under active use. The two most common problems are the cable connection at the earphones becoming loose and snap thereafter and the earphone itself breaking into two at the joint.

This blog post will teach you how to perform Basic Diagnosis And Repair, short-form BDAR, on your favourite earphones.

The friend here, as one of DIY-ers' favourite friends (another being the blu-tack), is the super-glue.

My second pair of X3i was having one of its connections coming apart. So I bought a small tube of super-glue (Note: Don't buy too big a tube, because if you don't finish it fast enough it'll dry up) and applied a drop at that point (with the bare wire exposed), and jammed it back in. Wait for a few minutes.

And viola! The X3i is alive again! No need to waste time and spend another trip to the Adelphi. In fact, the connection is now even studier than before, thx to the properties of super-glue, forming a hard crystalline structure, as a layer of coat on the external surface of the connecting area.

It's actually very easy to stop the Mylar from breaking apart in the first place, by proper design and better glue. Wonder why they didn't do that.

And note, if you accidentally let your hand contact super-glue, do not force it apart, soak it in soapy water and rub sideways. It will come off eventually.

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