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Monday, March 2, 2009

$2 headphone stand - the Banana stand

I got this idea from sgheadphones.net.

The Banana stand is not the name for this headphone stand, rather, it's a banana stand that's used as a headphone stand.

$2 each from Daiso.

As you can see my headphones are pretty much entry-level hence justifying the use of such cheap stands and not $30 pieces of wood from some brands. It does, however, makes no sense to use these if you have something that cost you over $400.

The yellow cloth thingy is anti-slip mat cut into elongated stripes and wrapped around the holder. It serves two purposes: one is to have a softer, wider surface for the headphones to rest on so it does not leave a mark, serving the main duty of a headphone stand, secondly it prevents the headphone from slipping off.

The rest of the huge mat is placed below my speakers, killing two birds with one stone. Also $2 from Daiso.


taikiew said...

you think that JVC headphone would sound nice on vacuum tube amp?

Michael Steven said...

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