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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mediacorp okto inability exposed

We already know the quality of St*rhub and S*ngtel digital TV broadcast and certain local distributors' VCD quality are bad.

But this time, the one up for some trouble is Mediacorp. Its okto channel to be precise.

This is an organisation that has freaking loads of experience with video and its technologies. And they can make this extremely grave mistake:

Something looks very wierd rite? It's even worse when the characters are standing up and you can see their whole profile.

Because this is the way it's meant to look like:

Choosing "normal" aspect ratio on my LCD screen stretches SDTV signals to 16:9. Suddenly the video looks ok. Note the stretched okto logo.

Frames from fansub for comparison:

This is not an isolated case - it happens in more than one series.

The guy who did the transcoding failed VE. If he can resize 16:9 to 4:3 without noticing any problem. His supervisor failed too. The most stretchable excuse would be that the source that reached him is 4:3, but that would suggest a shady source (which has been suspected all the while), and he still failed for not noticing that the characters are too skinny.

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