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W A R N I N G !

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yet another of those inspired by IdolM@ster? But this time it's not a game.

It is a dance editor program.

Looks like a video editor, guess it will be easy for those who have used one before. Wonder if it stuff like effects, dance moves, stage, camera are editable.

Soon people will be hacking this thing to produce lots of original dancers. Although I have a feeling Miku will be the first (and the last) that everybody will use. Great timing, since I'm irritated by all those cut-and-paste content on YouTube (they call it MAD?). Oh, and hack some IdolM@ster models too.

We have music synthesizer, we have Vocaloid, now we have this. One man MTV!!! If we can use this to make movies we can have one man show too, literally.


Oh, and we luv collaborations like this; Tamura Yukari gets her single promoted (I wouldn't have known if not for this video), the maker of Dance×Mixer gets a good cute song by a popular artist to work with instead of spending money to come out with their own.

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