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W A R N I N G !

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Engineering cheats money...

Engineering cheats money by selling you a 0.2 cents component for 20 dollars

Medical cheats money by charging you a lot for telling you something you already know, and the medication which you know comes naturally but you can't get your hands on, and everybody believes only them because they have a license

Law cheats money by making you pay loads of money for justice (Crime doesn't pay, justice does)

Consulting cheats money by getting an amateur to tell a pro how to do the job better

Business cheats money by simply taking away your profit as you sell your product to the buyer; they call that "service"

Management cheats money by discussing what should happen while those below make things happen just as they should (And it's alarming when you know how much of a company is dedicated to management)

Finance cheats money by loaning the money you saved to others at, say, 3%, while they give 0.1% back to you. Then charge you service charge

Economics cheats money by analysing and playing with the economy and watching it fail due to reasons out of their control

Education cheats money by... bet you've seen a lot of teachers that are fail

Arts cheats money by producing objects with high intangible value and zero tangible value

Resource cheats money by forcing you to pay $100 for a barrel of oil just because they feel like it

Politics cheats money by just owning you, 'nuff said

Since everybody's cheating money, it all cancels out! So nobody is cheating anybody money, the only ones getting cheated are the ones at the bottom of the society.

And actually, engineering seems like the least of all cheaters, because there are many times when you just can't produce something due to lack of knowledge, skills, tools, and resources, and this is proven when a DIY effort turns out more expensive yet inferior.

No wonder it is strongly advised to avoid taking up engineering as any form of professional career, and most successful engineers convert to businessmen instead.

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