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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love this site

"Poll: Natural dielectrics like silk,paper or cotton sound more natural than say polyprop"


Those with limited engineering knowledge and inadequate hearing will say no

Those with more engineering knowledge and listen with their brains will say yes

Those with enough engineering knowledge, enough hearing with their ears, and enough thinking with their brains will say this is a stupid poll

Because those in the last category know jolly well that "naturalness" is subjective and dependent on system matching, and that given adequate performance of a particular part and sufficiently good design, the circuit itself will affect the sound more greatly than the quality of components used - which is why active components like op-amps have their own sound, and the better systems are not greatly affected by quality of parts and peripherals - e.g. cable, power conditioner, and tend to use lots more not-as-high-end parts (no Blackgates or paper-in-oil capacitors, no oversized/overnumbered transformer and capacitor banks, etc etc etc, there are lots to talk about here) while sounding better than your overbuilt shyt,

Also, what's more important to understand is that, the answer is between yes and no - it would be possible to measure differences, but would the difference be huge and would it be audible, another thing. And the choice of yes and no is not clearly defined,

hence conclusion - this question is stupid

And more than 60% of forumers chose that. And the thread became an almost complete suanage of the very existence of the question. Or is it complete suanage, sometimes they get too technical and I can't tell.

Yup, this site is good. Lots of pros, meaningful and technical discussions, open-minded. Though I know that already.

So visit this website to be happy that you didn't choose electronic engineering or if you want to persuade yourself to change your major:


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