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W A R N I N G !

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Style over substance

Quite a few students in my school use their laptops during lectures and even class - most of them aren't playing games during classes (though there are some that do), but due to the complex nature of the notes system it's much more convenient to bring your computer down instead.

I observed that glossy screens look nice from the sidelines. That is, it looks nice when you're not the person using it.

We know glossy screens stinks for any actual real work due to an optics phenomenum known as reflection. But who cares as long as it looks good from the outside.

And you're not going to buy a product because you know that it's good, but because you think that it looks good. And after you buy it, you get unsatisfactory performance or loads of problems, but companies dun give a hoot because they got your money already.

This does not work for just glossy LCD screens. Think bigger, think further, think wider. Think of parts that look good on the surface only, parts that spoil easily. Think iPod, think Xbox 360 (RROD), think Mac, think Vista, think any product by Apple and Micro$oft, think of a certain stylish small bright-colored speakers that suffers from surround degeneration, speaking of surround degeneration, think Cerwin Vega, think audio products, think *******, think *****, think *********, etc etc etc.

But hey, you may think that this concept seems familiar. I've covered this before.

Damn right I did. This is the basic concept of marketing isn't it? Making your product look nicer than it actually is.

Style extends widely, it may not be aesthetics, even performance numbers can be considered as style.

Beware, the hand is everywhere.

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