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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A delivery from Sure Electronics:

Nakamichi banana plugs - USD$4.59 for a pack of 5 pairs

Probably not original but at this price who cares, plus the name gives bragging rights. Like Monster. And considering it's Nakamichi, this should be at least the same quality if not better. Like Monster.

Sure Electronics 2*100 watt @ 4ohm TK2050 Class-D Amplifier - the board that can be either heaven or hell - either unbeatable value at USD$39.99, or pair it up with a good power supply, some boutique component upgrades, and you have an amplifier that can rival or even beat those boutique-brand-name amplifiers priced over $500-$1k.

It does say MSI on the sticker on the fan on the heatsink. The power of China OEM.

A side view showing the height of the heatsink, and the spare heatsink they provided in the left still in its bubble-wrap.

Your laptop power brick is not a 145W PSU. THIS is a 145W PSU.

Pair it with a good power supply I mentioned, pair it with a good power supply I did. This Meanwell 145W power supply provides 6A @ 24V, which is more than enough for driving 8 ohm loads.
This amplifier is said to sound good at diyaudio, and anything good enuff for diyaudio is good enuff to own commercial brands with.

Their Christmas present to me - 2*8W @ 8ohm/4ohm, MPS7720 Class-D Audio Amplifier - good for use with the TV computer, lets see how I'll fit it into the computer casing.

Computer power supply and audio aren't supposed to match, but this is a cheap setup in the first place - onboard sound and JBL CS100, I feel sorry for the Yulong T-Amp that doesn't match.

The Sure running on computer PSU +12V. A Seasonic S12-430. For testing. It gets pretty loud with just 12V, as do my Yulong, but I'm going to give it 24V anyway - amplifiers always sound nicer with more spare capacity.

With its ground currently floating the amp gets some noisy buzz with nothing connected but becomes dead silent when connected to the source. A dead-silent T-Amp, now that's some rare proper design there. For I seldom see cheap T-Amps that don't buzz. The floating ground is good, but the voltage-offset at turn-on can scare the shyt out of people.

And a lesson learnt today - not all power bricks are good quality. Using the 12V 2A brick that came with my USB to IDE HDD adapter the highs just go into a crackling of noises, for a while I thought my tweeters are fried.

It fits just nice in a Ferrero Rocher box. Hmm ideas...

And I'm thinking that the Nakamichi plugs aren't that good quality after all, sound quality suffers after using them.

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