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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Real products stand the test of time

This is related to the hype cycle here:

Hyped products survive for only a few months, maybe a year or two if lucky.

Real products survive forever.

Like Wharfedale Diamond - now at version 10
Or Paradigm Atom - the v.1 that I own, now at v.6
Or Bose series I, II, III, IV, V...
The 60-year-old Klipschorn that is still in production today
The famous LS3/5a that packs value, sound, monitor, and size into one and kept alive by fanatics who overrate this otherwise still good value speaker

ATP3 and MX5021 that people just prefer over newer offerings
Benchmark DAC1 - while too many DACs come and go in this era, this guy stays there from lack of challengers alongside Lavry, the only things demanding more money are mostly from bullsh!t brands also selling other bullsh!t products.

Now lets look at hyped products.

I'm sure you can make your own list by now. Just think of things that are not popular now.

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