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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random shots: A trip to Challenger


Bling gone wrong. Especially the gold ones. This would've been popular in the 60's.

Did somebody say Ultimate Ears? You're damn right it's Ultimate Ears. Even the box is the same.

This metro.fi 150-lookalike still sells for the original price of the metro.fi 150, long after that one's been discontinued. As I probably said before, I have high regards for this model, because it is good for the price from a major maker. Not like those overpriced underpriced (no that's not a wrong use of verb here) earphones from China that always seem to perform double their price yet get thrown away in half the time. At least with big brand names, most of the time you're sure that the $80 you paid for is worth $80 w.r.t. that brand's $160 offering, for example. With China, there's a high percentage chance that it's worth $0, because it doesn't perform up to par, isn't what you wanted, and you have no use for it.

I also had a chance to look at Altec Lansing's new chic/ugly/sexy/hideous offering expressionist ULTRA

For the first time in a while computer speakers sounded normal to me. It has the highs, the mids, the midbass, and a powerful punchy yet controlled and deep bass. While other speakers struggled with boomz this sent the bass in a single shockwave.

But still, it doesn't have the space of large speakers which is what has always plagued computer speakers.

But, after listening to this, I listened to the reference VS4121, and that sounded pretty muffled. Though I already know the VS4121 is muffled compared to Creative's previous-gen offerings (i-Trigue series) but those have their own problems of sounding too thin, this only shows that the expressionist ULTRA is an all-rounded step up from this already good all-rounder, something I know that sounds pretty normal.

Next I listened to the expressionist BASS


Lets just say it lived up to what I remember. Of it sucking.

Bass? What bass?

Those who say it has bass are bluffing themselves. Then again, many people say Gigaworks T20 has bass too.

Midbass? Not much either.

Wonder why AL had to come out with expressionist ULTRA.

On an off-topic note, there are many who think the T20/T40 is like the best audiophile speaker for music and the T3 is the bestest speaker.


This sounded relatively normal. A bit cheap on the highs and shaky in the bass (looks like they're pushing that tiny driver too hard), but it sounds relatively good in comparison to the competition. But for $89 I've heard better, and VS4121 isn't far away.

I also listened to the good ol' MX5021 with its emphasized midrange that some people hate. It sounds pretty cheap and harsh up close indeed, but move a few steps away and give it some space it suddenly sounds very spacious. Much of soundstage and space information is in the midrange, and the MX5021 satellites behave like some bigger speakers in this aspect - that it sounds thin and dry and sh!t up close. That said, the 2 x 3-inch drivers-sporting MX5021 satellites aren't small either.

I didn't bother comparing which is more worth it to buy, cos in the end it's still more worth it to just buy an amp and bookshelves for this money. Though some bookshelves and amps are so overpriced and underperforming that they negate the advantage of this route, which is good price-performance.

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