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W A R N I N G !

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is creative enough to deserve a photo (plus cheap audio rack problem solved):

Looks like an ordinary paper tray to me

but where are the stands to put inside the holes to raise it and connect multiple racks together?

Look again.

They're on the tray itself waiting for you to bend them off from the main body like plastic model parts.

Hmmmmm creative, save on production, save on packaging

And the good thing is it's flat so I can use is as an audio rack and it fits my Zhaolu perfectly width-wise. And it solves both cable management and heat problems. And it's cheap - $1.95 for two, and expandable - just buy more to stack. It won't fit the Sure-Q.E.B., but my current home table doesn't have enough space for it either. I'd have to look at shoe racks for that one. Alternatively, build another Sure, but put it in a more squarish and smaller casing and it'll fit.

If anyone spotted that small white AC adapter in the left, that will be in another post.

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