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W A R N I N G !

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

$50 per driver repair

...that's what I was quoted by a shop. The other shop I wanted to ask for quote is still on holiday perhaps.

This $50 better includes reconing, though I wouldn't bet on that. $50 just for refoaming...

That's $100 for a pair. Lets see, my Atoms cost me $30 with nonexistent foam surrounds, add $100 for repairs,

I can get okay-condition second-hand better speakers for that money, things like Tannoy, Mission. And only kok-quality or very-old speakers would have deteriorated surrounds. For cheap speakers, $100 is too much. For expensive speakers, would you risk the sound-quality drop with new surrounds that change the speaker's parameters?

Heck, a pair of new good replacement drivers costs only $200-odd. But the only reason I'm not getting them is because this particular Rogers speaker have a f-king squarish mounting that does not fit almost all other drivers. Mounting it from inside is not possible either.

So if I can spend $100 to get these legendary speakers working again it'd be great. But that would require a reconing, at least.

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