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W A R N I N G !

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Never take words out of context...

Yesterday I was doing some checks on my speakers (after they suffered from a 1.5-foot drop from the top of my computer), when I decided to shift them to the living room to see how they would sound there.

First thing I noticed - there was no bass.

Second thing I noticed - there was no bass coming out from one of them.

Third thing I noticed - I forgot to plug back the internal wires to the woofer for that one when assembling.

After the fix, first thing I noticed - there was more bass. Actually the thing still sounds rather okay, but the onboard Realtek of the TV computer was obviously struggling, crackle and boom everywhere.

Second thing I noticed - the computer restarts itself after a few ten seconds of music playback.

Third thing I noticed - my wireless PCI adapter was undetected again.

Forth thing I noticed - the bass from the speakers rattled the card loose from its slot again.

Fifth thing I noticed - there is bass at 50cm from the TV, but not much left after that.

A living room is I'd say a mid-sized to large room, lots of bass is needed to fill'er up.

These speakers sound full of bass in the corner of my room, yet devoid of it outside.

Here in the living room, bookshelves are bookshelves. And if you need bass, 12-inch bookshelves.

So when some people tell you that bookshelves have as much bass as subwoofers, you have to consider:
1) Is that guy trustworthy or is he just some schizo maniac trying to act useful and function the opposite
2) Does he have working eardrums and use them to listen, or takes placebo effect and ego to the extreme that everything he owns is perfect
3) Is his room a large room and what distance is he from the speakers

Anyway the first one you have to consider every time you read something on internet forums, the second one you consider on audio forums.

In short, bookshelves are best for near-range and bad for far-range.

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