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W A R N I N G !

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Another hoot post:

TempoTec Digital March

Notice the sharper photo compared to my previous posts. Yea I finally got something better than handphone camera.

Fully digital card, no analogue output. Has the rare-for-consumer BNC connector.

Uses VIA VT1723 "Tremor" audio controller chip. Two clock crystals, common for VIA chipsets.
While taking this photo I realized both auto and macro focusing weren't working properly all this while. Switched to manual. But the screen on the camera has too low resolution to focus finely so wtf man.

74HCU04 to drive the digital outputs. Pulse transformers for RCA and BNC out (I refuse to use the term "coaxial" in this context as both RCA and BNC are coaxial connectors).

A very neat card, clean of unneeded junk, basic parts but all essential parts for good quality digital out are there.

Poor input and analogue surround output performance of this chip means it will never work well as a HT or prosumer card where input, monitoring, mixing/routing and good analogue output are needed - this is where VIA's Envy chip shines. For plain Jane stereo digital out or AC-3 passthrough, this thing will do the excellent job at a cheap price.

Cheap, how cheap? If I told you how cheap I got it for second-hand, you'll have to kill me.

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