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W A R N I N G !

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Flame-mode - On

As politically-correct as I try to be, sometimes I just let things break loose.

And when things break loose I'm not afraid of shame - shaming others or letting myself have the opportunity of getting shamed.

I wrote this in a previous post:

"So they can't do anything related to electronic design.

So they do non-electronics-related tweaks instead. And claim it somehow links to the electrical performance of the equipment."

I want you to look at this brand.


Yes, it is the famous, well-known, high-class, Acoustic Revive. And I'm putting it on the grill today.

Look at that page in the link. Look at the product lineup to the left. What do you see?

(words in bracket indicates field of science or technology used)

DEMAGNETIZER WITH MANY USES FOR AUDIO (electrostatics/magnetics)

Ground conditioner (electrical, material science (for the ore))

Negative ion generator
- This ion will purifies the air in the room. The result is, sound waves travels the room well and sound improve remarkably! (Acoustics, and physics in general...???)
- it also emit infrared rays which works as a surface-active agent. This improves transmissivity of the laser beam inside the CD player, which leads to improved sound and picture quality. (Photonics/quantum physics)

Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator (magnetism/electromagnetics/environmental science/biology/plus unknown - effects on improving PQ of projector)

Acoustics conditioner (acoustics - under mechanics btw. Mechanical and material science have many interrelated parts)

Speaker stand (probably the same sciences that other speaker stand manufacturers employ, I don't want to argue about this)

Ok, that is a long list, and I'm too bored to carry on. But you get the idea.

If the designer(s) is/are so powderful in such a wide range of sciences why aren't they working in real more-serious jobs that require those knowledge? And why aren't they producing a whole mass of devices employing these technologies instead of producing just one of each and say "Ok, this is good enough, I've done my job, I'll go retire now" or go and research in another field and create something totally unrelated?

And, this one takes the cake -



BTW, there is a saying (more like a common sense) that if a certain tweak or idea for improvement is any good, it would be used already by companies investing billions trying to squeeze an extra drop of performance out of their product. Like the HDD magnet ionizer to improve fuel efficiency of car engines.

Odds of some layman on the street suddenly coming up with something that overtakes trained researchers with loads of budget, are not zero, but fking low.

And as for the FCS-8 Noise filter, the suggested application methods?

I'm staring at one in the face right now. You know the cylindrical cancer lumps on your notebook power cable/USB cable/video cable/heck just as many cable as you can think of? That is the ferrite bead.


Anonymous said...

I3s are all single core

Anonymous said...

No they're not