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Friday, January 28, 2011

[Anime] "Best of the season/year"

I've went through a few of the previous season(ending in Dec 2010)'s offerings.

Some of them were commented to be "best (genre) of the season/year".

But frankly, I am not amused.

Because so far, there was nothing spectacular. In fact quite a number of them fall into the "only watch when you've watched everything else and are still bored" category. Comedies with low-level humor, love stories with no feelings. There were some that were average, but shouldn't get the title of "best".

But, if you compare them against the pile-o'-junk created in that season, well, that puts things in perspective.

I was wondering about the lack of high ratings and attributed it to uncertain AniDB rating system, now I know the real reason.

The problem is some of the reviewers. I also find myself a possible victim of this - habituation. Being exposed to bad shows after bad shows, eventually one finds even the mediocre good.

It also hurts my radar that detects the quality of the show. Ironic that I have to expose myself to crap and possibly degrade my radar in order to prove its accuracy, but so far it has still been accurate - things that I thought would suck still suck.

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