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W A R N I N G !

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Monday, February 7, 2011

[Rant] "WTS: HDMI cable"

Selling brand new premium HDMI cables @ $10 each!

Comes in a classy blue sleeve to match your decor and for better shielding

Ok, seriously, I got it for SGD$4 from eBay, and one without a sleeve would be even cheaper. And my philosophy is, if I can get something, you too can.

So why the f should you let me earn extra $6 for doing nothing?

I'm not going to do anything about what happens in the forums though; there is a rule for documentarists, that an outsider is not supposed to interfere with the course of nature - if you spot a wolf eating a rabbit, you cannot go save the rabbit, even if you like the rabbit. (Exceptions, like endangered species, occur.) If people are stupid enough to pay 200% for the same thing, that is their problem. I believe stupidity is punishable.

Well, I hope none of you reading this blog have been suckered to pay more for less, and if you didn't know about this kind of get-rich-quick scheme (by others) before, well you are lucky.

And if you still don't believe that you can get this for $4 on eBay, and if you want to buy this HDMI cable @ $10, well, we can discuss.

And, I'm not joking about the better shielding part -

Braided for better shielding

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