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Sunday, August 21, 2011

[Flipside Week] Being retrenched is good

Welcome to Flipside Week!

Flipside week is another of my themed weeks. This time, I will be looking at things from a different angle and giving interpretations that are opposite of the norm, yet still makes logical sense. This begs the question - by how much have our beliefs been shaped by the common view of others, instead of logic.

So here is the first one -

Every recession, people become scared of getting retrenched.

But I always tell myself and others, only the overpaid get retrenched; those worth every single cent of their salary stay.

Which (being worth every single cent of your salary), I recently realized, is actually a problem.

That means you are doing more and getting paid less compared to those that get retrenched.

And wouldn't everyone like to be paid more than what we are actually worth? I mean, look at those people on top, running companies and countries.

So, if you get retrenched, that is a sign that you were being overpaid. And that is good.

Consider this - you may be worth only 2k per month, but you were earning 3k, that is 1k per month and many many k's over years, money that you shouldn't have gotten.

Getting retrenched is just making you draw the salary you should be drawing, in another job.

So, think about the amount of money you have stolen over the years, and laugh.

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