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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Flipside Week] Another view of what the Earth thinks about us

The majority of planets are barren or full of violent reactions.

And the majority of stars, are, on fire, but lets not talk about that.

A planet is a typically unreactive lump of substances, as opposed to the reactive lumps which we call stars.

So that is how a planet is supposed to be.

Lets look at the earth.

On earth, there is this thing that we define as living organism.

It reproduces and spreads itself to occupy larger and larger areas of of planet surface, and even releases toxins, such as oxygen, to transform the Earth into a better condition for this parasite.

Until millions of years ago when the planet got totally covered in green.

And green is a color of toxic waste.

And the decomposed black, gooey, liquid waste gets stuck underneath the surface with no way of extracting it or eliminating it (until humans came), while deposits of concentrated calcium literally scatter all over the place and scar the otherwise perfect rock strata.

Who knows, if the Earth was alive, maybe its idea of majestic beauty is the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Mariana Trench, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, or the Ice Cap of Mars. And not the greenery we call 'Mother Nature'.

So, all that talk about saving the planet?

It's more like keeping the planet a favorable condition for continual existence of living organisms.

It is said that the best pathogen does not kill the host, but keeps it alive so more pathogens can be produced and spread.

Soon, the Moon, and not long afterwards, Mars, will be infected.

Always wash your hands and keep a distance from patients.

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