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Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Beyond the hype] Acoustic Energy Aego M

If you are a PC audiophile, you probably have heard of this speaker system. It is a classic, and a top-end (for a computer 2.1) product that fought with the likes of MX5021 and Promedia. Even as the other products faded away and got replaced with newer ones, the Aego M stays relevant and continues fighting against T3 and Bose and etc.

Is the fact that it is still being sold today a testament to its performance, or is it due to a crap-ton of hype? Real good products stand the test of time, and here is a tough test for it. No financial interests, no buyer's remorse, and yes experience with other more expensive speakers. If the Aego M is good, it is good.

Yessireebob, this time I got a set of Aego M in my room. However unlike the Audioengine A5 review, this one isn't owned by me, so I only have a short time to test. (Short time meaning a couple of days.) So I'm going to make this review short.

God those satellites are tiny. I already know that they are small, but it really feels small when you hold it. They are very heavy for their size, and that mass can be a good thing for speakers.

The satellites by themselves point upwards, which means they have to be placed near the listener and on his table. This proximity can spell trouble, but maybe Acoustic Energy expects people who buy 2.1 system with tiny satellites to put them close to the listener, which isn't a bad guess.

Me being used to bookshelves, Aego M's subwoofer doesn't look all that powerful, size-wise. Maybe around as big as a bookshelf with 7- to 8-inch woofer.

Upon first powering up, I was pleasantly surprised. Shocked. Impressed.

Because these satellites were delivering a sound resembling speakers way, way larger (part of this due to the satellites being way, way small to begin with). Although I could hear that they were trying hard, the sound is solid and full, and although not as clear or defined and has limited treble extension compared to bookshelves, this is a sound I can accept living with. I'm even going to say that cliche line, that these can be considered audiophile speakers.

Jamo i300 - another old model, and other reviews have mentioned it, it is another 2.1 w/small satellites system that sounded proper to me. But my experience with that speaker is limited to IT shows and shops, plus Jamo i300 is substantially more expensive than Aego M it shouldn't even be considered to be in the same price range. Although it might be possible to purchase the satellites separately and make an economical 2.1 system.

Other than that, nah. Possible contenders are Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and Altec Lansing MX6021 but I have limited experience with them and they didn't give me that "wow" when I tried them out.

This is one speaker system that sounded nice and still sounds good today. There are other big 2.0 and 2.1 with big satellites, but Aego M manages to deliver decent sound with a small size, and also at a low price. Definitely worth keeping, or even buying new ones.

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whatoblog said...

How does it sound compared to audioengind A5? Which one would you prefer?