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Sunday, March 23, 2008

April 2008 - Another Anime 'harvesting' season, in a different way:

Previously I talked about the vast number of shows that were ending in Mar-Apr 08. This time, I'm going to talk about the shows that are starting in Apr 08. And boy, remember when I said that the ending list of Mar 08 is the longest list I ever saw? Well, with 34 titles that are airing in Apr 08, looks like the future won't be boring either.

Now I'm amazed at how many different slots they have for all these Anime.

And, out of the 34 (Lets filter!), To Love-Ru, Kyou Kara Maou, Allison to Lillia, xxxHoLiC, Itazura na Kiss, Code Geass, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, D.C.II S.S., Vampire Knight are OBVIOUSLY going to be good. Ok, minus Allison, since probably only I'm thinking it's going to be spectacular (the story didn't turn out as great as I've hoped), but the rest are all big time famous names, so I don't see any reason why they wouldn't do well. (Especially D.C.II S.S., it better be good enough so as to not shame the legacy of D.C., that had different versions released over a long period of four years)

And out of the rest, ...i can really say that all of them look quite promising, maybe just that some do no appeal to all audiences. Well, I'm interested in 26 of them (out of all 34), and might watch roughly 10 or slighly more. (Well, I'm sorry that I'm not interested in these genres - aimless/pointless/senseless fighting, romance comedy with too little romance/comedy and too much ecchi (sorry To Love-Ru fans), Mecha/Sci-Fi/Space Age without the common-sense (*cough*), wierd wannabe-style settings including those of wives, maids, ancient Japan and monsters (but I do accept if they are good, and usually if they are they will be VERY good, especially for the first two. Nothing in-between success and failure here.), and almost all if not all sports in general.

That stringent requirement leaves me with... why not just talk about my likings instead - Moe, moe, and more moe. Okay, serious, I enjoy comedy and romance alot. Perhaps maybe comedy, or is it romance? Can't really tell. But for a while I thought it was comedy. BUT, the comedy must be a good one. Those that I've watched recently are good, but I remember a period of time one or two years ago when a whole lot of the population was enjoying bad, low-class comedy. It was tragedic. And romance, my requirement for romance is quite low actually, as long as it has romance almost all the time you'd see me watching it. So yes, the March harvesting season is godsend. But I still can tell what a bad romance show is.

And drama, I love drama, and certain amount and style of action. I love human/human fights, gunfights especially. But those exist mostly only in Hong Kong movies.
And daily-life/slice-of-life. While these two look similar they are far from each other. Daily-life = wierd happenings in an otherwise normal high-schooler's life = quite a whole majority of many B-grade settings out there. Slice-of-life = small bits and pieces of life in a normal/can be abnormal life. Daily(school)-life = Rental Magica (not a very good example but I hope it works), slice-of-life = Aria, get it?
(Ok, many may not agree with my definition and classification. That's okay. There's no proper definition to these genres yet.)

And super powers! Magic to be precise. And those fantasies. I love them a lot. Plus lately these magical fantasy shows are actually producing better fights with more eye-candy than those genres that were supposed to be good at it.

And finally, most importantly,

A dose of moe-ness, a huge dose

Moe-ness is good

I told you, lolis are the future

So that's it for Apr 08 and today's post. Hope you and I enjoy a good Anime time in the short future.

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