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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sketchbook: full color's: Comments

(I realized that lately I've been enjoying most of the Anime I watch. (Most, because Myself; Yourself and D.C. II were big-time letdown. Even though they are supposed to be like the best stories out there) Either my standards have dropped greatly lately, or the recent Animes were really good. Mushiuta still has active forums over at the Chinese fansubbers' sites, even though the Anime is obviously only a half-done job versus the original story. Stuff like ef don't even need to say. So hopefully it isn't my standards that have dropped.

Plus, while i previously said I wait till the entire series gets finished before getting the whole series in one shot, truth is i already got the whole series a while back but ended up 3-months late in watching it.

Also, I should stop wasting time typing intros that are not related to the post. It is a bad habit and takes away the impact of the actual opening.)

If there's one phrase that can describe this series very well, it'd be "Aria in present day".

There's this tranquility in the series; nothing much happens, yet it doesn't get boring; Nothing important happens, yet you wouldn't want to miss out on anything; The show should feel short since there's nothing much really, yet it feels like you've watched quite a lot of stuff and there's lots more to go; Your mind feels at ease, yet time seems to have slowed down (usually time "slows down", or one has the impression that the time is moving slower when the mind is active but said person is not concentrated on any task, probably the reason why the mind feels at ease is because it is very active yet doing nothing? if you get what I mean, else it'd be a highly-clocked CPU that's idle).

Plus, there's the warmth and fuzziness as you watch this show, kinda like what a person feels when he/she's in another person's chest, be it mother, lover, or older sister (don't get the wrong idea you onee-chan maniacs).

That's why I call it "Aria in present day". Plus Makino Yui's singing makes it even more similar.

The first Anime I thought of when I saw this Anime is Hidamari Sketch, since both are slice-of-lives involving painting. But the approach is totally different. Hidamari Sketch is more comedy (no doubt thx to director Shinbo Akiyuki - Think PaniPoni and Zetsubou Sensei) and about small events and things of everyday life, while Sketchbook: full color's is about the everyday life that really is a lack of events, and how to approach this life. Good job IMHO, especially when the source is a 4-koma manga which is supposed to have punchlines. Though I cannot imagine how the original source would fare. (Lucky Star, for example, fares pretty badly in its original form IMO)

Now now, after all these theoratical talking, how does this show really perform? One very important key factor I consider is the ability to keep the audience wanting to continue watching the next episode, and is what I consider as the actual performance of the show, since it's job is done after you watched it and wasted your time on it. Yes, this factor carries a very high percentage in my rating system. Yes, storyline, plot, directing, artwork budget, even character design are important, but how it really captures (semi-literally) the audience is a mix of all these. And about this, I originally wanted to just watch the first episode on the way to my workplace (and watch Jigoku Shoujo Futagomori on the way back), but turned out I also watched the second and third episodes during lunch break (and even when I originally only wanted to watch one more), and the forth episode on the way back, draining the battery to the max.

Looks like there will be more than one series I'd be marathoning through this weeking. (The originally planned one is ef)

And whether it is worth the ~8 +- 0.3 rating on AniDB.net, I'd say, yes. Although not more, but definitely no less. The probable ratings can possibly reach as low as 2~3 since not everybody like this kind of story, but it's still a good show.

Try watching it if you're an Aria fan, or if you simply like slice-of-life, or this kind of show in general. But if you haven't watched Aria yet, you should watch that one first. :D

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