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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March-April 2008 - Anime Harvesting Season

By "Harvesting", what I mean is that instead of following the Anime every week which can become a pita (pain-in-the-ass) if not done regularly (and i don't have time to do it regularly either), have to wait for the next episode which kinda kills the fun, and pisses people off when it gets stalled or even dropped, or even finding out that it is a piece of crap...

...I usually wait till the entire series gets finished before getting the whole series from the best fansub, or even DVD-rip.

Anyway look at the list on AniDB.net of shows ending in Mar-Apr 08:


(I specifically included Apr because it contains Aria final season -> it's final according to *sources* and I've already read the final manga chapter. How, there's Ghost Hound too, and Bamboo Blade and Gunslinger Girl, but somehow tmp. rating for GSG is quite low... i can't help but to think that it is just bad; the first series' popularity was already pretty much hype IMHO)

Jan, Feb, Apr, compared to Mar, they have only that few shows. Well, this Mar 08 ending list is the longest of any list in the calender I've seen so far. This is due to many shows in Oct 07 deciding to go 26 eps while many shows in Jan 08 deciding to go 13 eps, so they all end at Mar 08.
So for all this while, I've been knowing that there are many good shows out there but just couldn't download because they're not complete yet.

After all these get fansubbed, it will be a bountiful season. :D

BTW the previous harvesting season was Dec 07, with like 10 good ones and 5 crappy ones that I'd love to watch (lol). Only watched 3 of the crappy ones and 2 of the good ones, 2 more soon to watch.

And in this Mar 08, the number of ending shows that's worth mentioning... 18 (22 plus Apr). Or plus minus two from that number since some shows are worth mentioning to some but not to others.

Have fun picking up which good shows to watch from here, and for those that continuously watch good luck trying to catch up and finish all at the same time, then be stuck because there isn't much good shows for Feb-Mar-Apr 08.

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