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W A R N I N G !

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random quote of the day:

(*Blogging spree*)

"Please do not purchase my amp if your source has no line out. Using the headphone jack out of your source to any amp defeats the purpose of using an external amplifier. Many posts we read where the person claims that there is no difference in sound quality between the source headphone jack & the amp that he or she purchased using the headphone jack as the input to the amp."

--taken from somebody from somewhere, better not to reveal the name. Leave your email and I'll send you a *totally unrelated link*

Well, it's wierd that with my PSP, Zen Stone, my friends Cowon D2, my brother's Nokia 5310, my computer, and the living room computer that is connected to the TV, I (and a few other) can clearly hear the difference when used with an amp. And out of the six, only the last two had true line-out... so...

It's true that the performance of a seperate amp would only be maximised when used with line-out, but that doesn't mean you cannot hear a difference in the sound. Unless the amp is totally transparent... what are the odds of that?

Not being able to hear a difference can easily be due to lack of sharp hearing (so it's a user problem), but attributing that to headphone out is...

What does that make you think about this person's understanding of headphone amps?

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