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Monday, January 5, 2009

Anime: White Album Anime out!

Actually I wanted to blog about this 3 weeks ago but due to various reasons I put it off until now.

And perhaps I should label things like "Anime", "Audio", "Reviews" in my post title to allow the non-Anime watchers to avoid reading posts of such evil nature. What do you think?

White Album, a game released in 1998 by Aquaplus famous for To-Heart and others (if I say them all out here I'll be an Otaku), was translated to Korean and given the nickname "White Drug" because of its addictive qualities

How I knew about this title was by chance. I was playing Queen Of Hearts '99 and played this stage with the two main female characters and really liked the music. I searched to return White Album (not to be confused with the Beatles). This was back in 2004 I think. These is another version of the song called White Album -Cristmas Eve-. On a sidenote, both versions are still one of my favourite listenings of all times.

The OSTs are good also. Also I find the setting good also, pretty unconventional and bit more realistic.

But the most important thing is the character designs of the two idols.

It was love at first sight.

Candidates for best idol design ever in Anime. And still unbeaten today.

I've always wanted both their models, especially Morikawa Yuki's. But, because of the lack of popularity of the series, there was never a PVC pre-painted version.

And that's the important part of the Anime. With the Anime airing in 040109, this series will get popularity, and finally I can get my hands on their figurines.

040109, isn't that like, yesterday?

I see four Chinese subbers finish the first episode already. Sadly, no English subs. But I don't blame them, the western side is more heavily influenced by the general trend; it's the Chinese that dive deeper into this evil Anime scene.

And speaking of general trend, there's something sad about this series. After lying unknown for ten years, it was made into an Anime, because there was a manga adaptation. And now there is also a PS3 version coming out.

Oh, so it was not made into an Anime because the game was good, but because the manga was good. But think, the manga was good because it was based on the game. Arrrgh, I'm confused.

Remember my previous post on Allison? That time I knew it was going to be a hit, after lying low for long before being made into an Anime. The Anime scored pretty high points and definitly not because of the artwork (or flying castles, or time-travel, or certain famous big-name producer for that matter).

Ironically, I didn't proceed to watch the Anime (at least I'm not going to watch the first half anyway) after finishing reading the book of Allison's arc. The artwork is a turn-off yes, but more importantly I found that the story was only good or better-than-average, and nothing special.

So yea, it's safe to conclude that something is famous only because it is made into an Anime (mainstream series, take a hint), not because it is good. Yes, some of them are made into Anime because they are good, but they make up only a small fraction, and most of the time heavily hit by lack of budget and effort due to low popularity. There are lots of good stories buried underneath the general trend.

Somebody really need to adapt KID's series into manga. Then perhaps we'll see Ever17 in Anime soon. And I'm sure it will be a seller.

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