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W A R N I N G !

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Moron of the day:

Alessandro MS-1 Headphone Bid, Goes Over The Retail Price, Why?

"You know I hate people paying overboard for headphones, but when it comes to people bidding over the odds for used gear, it really gets my goat up. I saw this weekend a pair of Alessandro MS-1 headphones which had reached over £53, and that’s not including the shipping cost, and there was a day or so bidding time left.

Sorry, I forget to mark it, and watch the final bid. However even at a bid price of £53 plus shipping on top (which if I can remember rightly was £7) I new the game was over, and that some poor person was paying way over the top. Much as everyone loves Alessandro, personally, I love saving money more, and this site/blog is here to make sure we all get a fair price.

At today’s exchange rate, the Alessandro MS-1’s are:

99.00 USD = 50.8334 GBP

And that includes shipping! Sorry to whoever, paid over the top. Although in all fairness, you’ve got a lovely pair of headphones."


While this applies not only to audio when it comes to online auctions (there are always morons out there, both buyers and sellers who think that something is worth much more than what it is), it also happens rather frequently in audio for new items. A lot of times people pay more for something not worth its price, especially popular consumer big brand names. Note that I'm not just talking about brands that are widely known by a normal consumer, but also other less big brand names like ******* and ****** (censored, insert the brand you want here) that are hyped up by specific interest groups. It's all for a sense of security, wanting to feel that you made the right decision, so you follow the words and actions of others for that and in order to be accepted. Actions are still okay, how right are the words? Think about it.

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Jason said...

woah just surfing the net and I found someone interested in the same thing I am, Audio and Anime.

My setup: laptop > blue jean cable (coax) > zero 32bit dac > ibasso d2 viper > ATH-AD2000. All rolled with the best opamps i could find oc.

ill be dropping by from time to time.