W A R N I N G !

W A R N I N G !

This page is full of non-facts and bullsh!t, (just like the internet and especially forums and other blogs), please do not believe entirely without exercising your intellect. Any resemblance to real things in reality is purely coincidental. You are free to interpret/misinterpret the content however you like, most likely for entertainment, but in no case is the text written on this blog the absolute truth. The blog owner and Blogger are not responsible for any misunderstanding of ASCII characters as facts. *cough* As I was saying, you are free to interpret however you like. *cough*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

You may think I'm mean, proud, egoistic, cynical...

"hmm.. as a under grad engineer =p
i think asus xonar is value for money!
cause it's a DAC
digital to analog converter!
hmm.. cause MP3 is a highly compressed audio..
DAC map the wave form of the audio to the closest possible analog signal..
in a way.. the audio is more real.. not so stiff.. got bends on the signal.. more vibrant

this is the theory part though.. not sure about x-fi dunno what chip lai de
but.. i tested xonar and x-fi
gaming wise..
i see no diff..
maybe x-fi SLIGHTLY better"

But if you read the above statement and truly understand (and I mean TRULY) what's wrong, then you're on the same side as me.

Anyway I think he fail his uni liao. Or he not doing computer/electronic/electrical engineering but mechanical instead.

ADD: Oh cool he even has a graph! Sh!t I really can't stop laughing. The graph is here just go see it yourself. The reason is clear... have you ever seen before a digital waveform?

Dunno if I've said it before, but the reason I blog behind people's back instead of correcting them in their face is because 1) I may make mistakes in cynical statements of mine (of course, that's when my suaning mode is on, against certain products especially), and more relatedly 2) Trying to reason something on forums usually ends up with flame wars, with people who don't believe that they're mistaken and usually with more people joining their side. And especially in audio, where people have different religious beliefs. And pressing one's belief onto others is bad, not to mention it's a kind of trolling. That's why I avoid that. I post my opinion here instead, where less people can see, those seeing won't intervene as though the person being talked about is his dad.

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