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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lame thought of the day:

TripleFi is called "Triple"Fi because it has three drivers.

So why don't UE (or now Logitech) call the SuperFi 5 "Double"Fi? Or the SuperFi 3 "Single"Fi or just "Fi"? Easier to distinguish the two also.


ZOMBiE CyGiG said...

Thats the difference between Business and Engineering.

Looking at Markeing POV, "Double Fi" and "Fi" sounds like shit. Give comsumer an impression of a slip short product.

Prolly a good name would be "DupleFi" for two drivers and "UniFi" for single drivers. Of course u can copy Intel and call it "DuoFi" and "SoloFi".

Thats why i always emphasis on the outlook of mini3. U see that i dun specifically emphasis on just one factor during development and planning. A good product must be niche in its prime area, and meeting expecation for the rest. Same for audio, a good amp without or with a droopy casing is as bad as an amp with tip top outlook and poor sound. Take mylar, good sound for money, but the outlook and build is terrible. Overall making it a poor product.

wwenze said...

That's y it's a lame thought. If I never called it "DoubleFi" or "Fi" there wouldn't be a punchline.

Speaking of DualFi, apparently the name won't work anymore for SuperFi. Logitech released the specs of the SuperFi 5(no pro)(which had been dangling on their site for a while now), and it's only single-driver.

A single-driver SuperFi 5, that's almost blasphemy. But from the marketing POV it works, because people would be looking at the SuperFi 5 branding.