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W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

High noise levels in cafeteria make children obese


The half-assed page design, the loads of bullshit, the fake testimonials, and overpriced products,

Doesn't this remind you of a typical ad for pricey audio equipment?

I like this part especially (from a technical standpoint, from a bullshit standpoint there are other parts better):

"In some ways your inquiry is impossible to answer because occasionally someone does report that they were able to use the $40 light to do the job, but it is a very rare occurrence. What we have found is that if the Chinese $40 light (which is officially classified as a "toy") does NOT work, then the installation of a light like ours will not work out either, since the $40 light is ignored and abused so the students try mightily to do the same thing with the correct unit like ours, and they often succeed."

It's a good roundabout way of saying "our product is no better than the $40 Chinese version but we still claim that it is better, and so we say this to shed our responsibilities when our products fail like a $40 one".

Anyway, now I know why I'm getting fatter. The canteens in NTU are always overcrowded.

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