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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Most scratchable laptop award

...goes to Acer 4736! and its related models.

I saw some marks on the area around the screen. It couldn't be wiped off, so it has to some abrasion marks. The uniformity and locations suggest the marks got there from daily use of closing the lid.

...that doesn't make sense, rite? Especially the markings below the screen. How would they get there from normal daily use of less than one month.

So I decided to use my fingernail to see if it's just some stain. Fingernail, I use most of the time, because it's safer than using tissue, which sometimes it may have hard dust stuck on it that causes scratching when wiping.

To my horror, while doing that, MY FINGERNAIL SCRATCHED ACROSS THE SURFACE!!!

Have you ever had fingernail vs plastic and won? This is the first that I've ever seen it happen.

Ironically the screen is made of a much harder and flexible material that seems scratch resistant.

So, wtf man, Acer, I buy a new notebook that came with 4 imperfections, and now this?

Or is it because this is a rejected good from a certain country that hence only makes its way to certain shops run by a certain kind of people in SLS?

Speaking of imperfections, lets talk about one that is funny. The keyboard.

The up directional button had one side of its spring mechanism faulty and can only be pressed on one side. So I got it replaced, only to be greeted with a refurbished keyboard with a bit of type marks on it and a letter D key that is slanted by about 5 degrees.

Good job Acer. I'll never buy your product again.

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ZOMBiE CyGiG said...

THough i have no experience, but VRZ ppl seems not to favour Acer and MSI lappies.

So far, Asus seemed to be one of the most popular brand, followed by HP, and if u have cash, Sony or Fujitsu.