W A R N I N G !

W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too old for Anime?

Now that I'm a college student, it feels wierd to be watching shows featuring high-school students.

Like, I'm much older than them, yea?

Then again, the creator of Doraemon drew it until he died. I don't know how any person with enough understanding of how science and the society works can not out grow that within the timeline of his life. Then again, my own story practically negates all science while putting some of my own, but at least it's more philosophical, and counter-trend. And it's cool, I'll make sure for it to be.

Then again, I've seen housewives in their late 40's watching romance shows. When they're at least twice the age of the protagonists.

Then again, Nanoha rules. The loli version.

Then again, Nanoha crushes planets with Starlight Breaker.

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