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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latale Online - OGPlanet English Close Beta out

I'm one of the lucky few(?) that got selected for the close beta test. The lucky few being those who actually knew about this great game while the whole world concentrates on something else.

But it's only for 7 days. How many levels do they expect us to reach?

Well... actually, given just a few hours a day, and provided you know how to level up quickly, at least level 20. Level 30 might even be possible for the hardcore. Cos this game, if you're good, each level only takes at most 3 hours on average, and that's a conservative guess that applies for all levels below 50 which I managed to get before the JP server banned all foreign players. As a shield user, there were a few levels which I managed to level up very fast. And I'm talking about at ~lvl 30 and throughout most of 40+ (Yes the area was that good, for the shields).

And that's one thing I like about this game over Maplestory. MS takes 3 hours on the average per level for each level and that's also a conservative guess, the other way round. I was seeing like 5 hours or something, either that or eternity. And everybody is attacking the same enemies and in the same way, instead of different styles on different enemies that specific classes are more efficient in.

Plus, partying in Latale actually proves to be useful. No, unlike the increased exp in Trickster online, partying in Latale helps by increasing the efficiency of the party as you raid the map in a group. And prevents yourself from getting owned at the same time. And since the experience decreases as your level increases, this is the best way to fight tougher monsters or groups of also tough monsters.

And the best part of this game over Maple is that IT HAS PK!!! Players fight it out in an arena, action style.

Well, not going to blog too much about this yet. I'm going to play my heart out before the outfield on next Monday 4th of August.

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