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W A R N I N G !

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My brother brought home a large group of church friends...

...and left being a huge path of destruction. My brother is known for destroying things of mine - getting my PSP scratched during the first week, getting my com infected with spyware,

and yesterday (Sat) his group of friends touched and toppled some of my figurines and carried my speaker system over to their room. They probably didn't take care when carrying it, as I saw some of the clipped bare wires (I still go by those) were definitely been pulled. When I powered them up I immdeiately heard something was wrong, and after taking out the wires to check, true enough, almost all the leads were blackened to various extent and that affected the sound. One pair (or one quad since it's a Star Quad) even had its color closer to dark brown than orange.

What happen was probably this - they simply brought the speakers over and pulled the wires in the process, fraying them and pulled them off the clips a little, resulting in poor contact. The poor contact then resulted in resistance and hence heat, which caused the copper to oxidise, resulting in the darkening and SQ drop.

After spending more time to recut/strip/twist/connect the cables, the Canares are back online. Although I didn't do as good a job as my first try there wasn't any obvious sonic differences this time. And true enough, the Canare indeed sounds brighter than the Belden, and its highs performance has its pros and cons over the 1307A. Definitely less bass and hence missing frequencies due to my 2.1 setup, but there is greater harmony, as in I can hear the chords better. Soundstage is wider but thinner. Perhaps things will get better after burning in. And I'm not afraid of it sounding too bright after burning in, since after the power upgrade my DAC's highs are clear with much reduced harsh.

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