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W A R N I N G !

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't feel like upgrading com anymore...

There was a time when I was constantly dissatisfied with my com for being too slow and unable to run many of the games that I wanted.

But now, after a few years, I've always been using my same computer without thinking of an upgrade.

Because, there just isn't anything to upgrade to.

Because, I seldom play new, hardcore 3D games anymore. (save for the time when I bought a second-hand x1950pro, but I only had it for a short while before selling)

Because, my com is fast enough for my needs.

Have I... become more matured? I seldom see the older generation upgrading their coms, as long as it's usable it's good enough. My friends who don't play games (well, the demanding ones) do not upgrade their coms either.

And now, without the crave to play newer, graphics-demanding games, I have no crave to upgrade my com either.

I'm spending much more in audio now though.

And regarding the maturing part, I'm still watching Anime, so I still got some ways to go. But at least they're better than the soap operas that our dear country is constantly producing "lately" (since at least a few years ago or since time existed).

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