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W A R N I N G !

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How wrong information spreads on the internet:

(you can replace internet with forums, works the same way)

Initially, nobody knows about a product to comment on it.

And then...

1) Noob somehow gets some info and comments on it. He may own the product, used it for a split second, seen somebody use it for a split second, or heard info about it from some obscure source, excluding the internet, including his brain or some voice from the sky. (Note: Noob will always give the wrong info, a pro knows how to review and judge a product as well as know a lot of and analyze information)

2) Nobody believes or cares a hoot about the noob or what he says. Except for other noobs, and noobs who like to act pro.

3) Other noobs ask about same or related topic, Act-pro answers using information gotten from First-noob.

4) More people believe in it, because most people cannot differentiate between Act-pros and pros, in fact Act-pros appear more pro and pros usually don't bother with noob questions.

5) When this topic is brought up again, people respond with what they know i.e. information originally gotten from First-noob, but this time everybody says the same thing, and it eventually becomes a fact.

The beauty of this is when you ask for hard evidence, people either divert, ignore, give useless answers (noob answers, because they only know that much), and/or turn aggressive.

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